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Data: The analysis is performed on the soccer database which comes from Kaggle. It contains data for soccer matches, players, and teams from several European countries from 2008 to 2016.


1. Which teams improved the most over the time period?

2. What team attributes lead to the most home team victories?

3. Which player had the most penalties?

Code for retrieving teams data into a csv file from SQLite database:

WITH t1 as (SELECT country_name, league_name, match_id, m.season, m.stage,, m.home_team_goal, m.away_team_goal, t.team_long_name home_team, t.team_short_name home_team_abbr, ta.chanceCreationPassing, ta.chanceCreationPassingClass, ta.chanceCreationShooting, ta.chanceCreationShootingClass…

Yash Ahuja

👋 Hi, I’m Yash Ahuja 👀 I’m interested in applications of data analytics for solving real-world problems through Python | SQL | Tableau | R | PowerBI | GCP

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